International Film Awards

Celebrating Global Cinematic Excellence

The Chalachitra International Film Awards is a prestigious annual event that celebrates the magic of cinema on a global scale. It brings together filmmakers, actors, and cinephiles from all corners of the world to honor outstanding achievements in the realm of motion pictures. The awards are a testament to the power of storytelling through the lens and the artistry that transcends boundaries and languages.

Chalachitra Filmmaker Award

The Chalachitra International Film Awards proudly introduce the “Chalachitra Filmmaker ” specialty award, celebrating and honoring the outstanding contribution of a visionary director who has transcended borders and redefined the art of storytelling through cinema.

Unveiling Excellence

Chalachitra International Film Awards, often referred to as ChalachitraIFA, serves as a platform to recognize and reward outstanding contributions in various categories of filmmaking. From compelling storytelling to mesmerizing cinematography, from exceptional performances to innovative direction, ChalachitraIFA showcases the brilliance of those who create magic on the silver screen.

The Chalachitra International Film Awards serves as a vital bridge between cultures and provides a unique opportunity for filmmakers to exhibit their work to a global audience. It embraces a wide spectrum of film genres, including drama, documentary, animation, and experimental cinema, making it a truly inclusive and diverse festival.

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Event Dates

19 Oct. 2023
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23 Nov 2023
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25 Nov 2023
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27-30 Nov 2023
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