About Chalachitra_IFA

Welcome to the Chalachitra International Film Awards, an independent film festival dedicated to celebrating the art of cinema in the vibrant city of Kolkata. Nestled in the heart of West Bengal, Kolkata has been a cultural hub and a melting pot of diverse artistic expressions for centuries. It is in this rich and dynamic environment that we bring you a cinematic experience like no other.

Our Mission

At Chalachitra International Film Awards, our mission is to provide a platform for filmmakers from around the world to showcase their creativity and vision. We believe in the power of storytelling through the medium of film, and our festival aims to recognize and honor the exceptional talents who push the boundaries of cinematic artistry.

Target Audience

Chalachitra International Film Awards (Chalachitra_IFA) is an annual film festival held in Kolkata, India, dedicated to showcasing and celebrating outstanding cinema from India and the broader South Asian region. Established with the aim of promoting cultural exchange and fostering a deeper appreciation for diverse cinematic experiences, CIFA has become a significant platform for filmmakers, artists, and enthusiasts alike.
The Chalachitra_IFA attracts a diverse audience primarily from Kolkata, as well as from across India and the broader South Asian diaspora. It serves as a vital bridge between regional and international cinema, providing a space for filmmakers to share their unique perspectives and engage with a wider audience.

Chalachitra_IFA vs Other Festivals

Chalachitra International Film Award places a strong emphasis on showcasing films from regional cinema industries. While many other film festivals primarily highlight mainstream, Hollywood or Bollywood productions, Chalachitra International Film Award provides a platform for filmmakers and artists from various regional film industries to gain recognition and exposure on an international stage.
Unlike some film festivals that predominantly feature films in a specific language or cultural context, Chalachitra International Film Award welcomes submissions from a wide range of languages and cultures. This inclusivity fosters a rich and diverse cinematic experience, allowing audiences to explore stories from various corners of the world.

Awards Through The Years

The Chalachitra Filmmaker Award

The Chalachitra Filmmaker Award is a prestigious honor presented at the Chalachitra International Film Awards, recognizing outstanding contributions to the world of cinema by visionary filmmakers. This award celebrates those individuals who have demonstrated exceptional creativity, innovation, and a unique perspective in their storytelling through the medium of film.

This accolade not only acknowledges the exceptional talent and artistic vision of the recipient but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring filmmakers and a testament to the power of storytelling in bridging cultures and bringing about meaningful change.

Laurel and Certificate

The Winners and Finalists will get their certificates right after the event.


Important Dates

2nd May, 2024
Submission starts for the event
16th July, 2024
Final Deadline
18 th
July, 2024
Get the Notification
20-23 July 2024
Event Dates